Tea Time

Man oh man I love tea. Sometimes my drinking patterns of the stuff seem to borderline on obsessive. I usually have at least a few cups after every meal, plus a few more scattered throughout the day. Oh well – I suppose there’s worse stuff I could be constantly sipping on. As one caveat though, I am a repeat tea bag user. I will often use the same bag of tea over the course of several cups – just refilling with hot water. This probably decreases any crazy levels of caffeine or antioxidants I would be consuming.

Anyway…this afternoon’s lunch was no exception to my pattern of massive tea consumption. In fact, I started early and drank a cup while I was prepping my lunch. I don’t have a photo of my lunch for you since it wasn’t very photogenic, but I had some baked lentils (I’ve decided I’m not a huge fan of red lentils), homemade naan, and steamed broccoli. Here is a new mug I got for the holidays from my fabulous boyfriend:

In addition to loving tea, I also happen to love all things monogrammed. Maybe it makes me feel special? 🙂 Also, that is the tag of a TAZO Vanilla Apricot White Tea – soooo delicious. I wish they sold that type in Starbucks! After lunch, my chocolate fantasies were running wild, so I had the last third of a dark chocolate and ginger bar – yum!

I’ve been writing this post as I’m waiting for my food to settle before heading to the gym. I love lazy weekends!

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